Domestic violence is any act of cruelty that one family member inflicts on another family member. While children are also victims of family violence, domestic violence often refers to the victimization of women by their male partners or spouses. In 2012, there were approximately 189,000 reported family violence cases in Texas.

The City Council of Gainesville, Texas, recently declared the month of June “Domestic Violence Awareness” month. Local shelters dedicated to domestic violence victims joined hands in this initiative, declared the “30 or 30” campaign. There will be close to 30 organized events to make people aware about domestic violence in Texas, as well as on a national level. There was also an induction of families in a new Crisis center where residents of the community were also encouraged to pledge themselves in the proclamation.

Family violence cases in Texas had increased by 2.1%, according to a study conducted in 2008. There were a reported 193,505 reported cases in 2008. Thus, with the previous awareness campaigns, the number of domestic violence cases had gone down substantially by 2012. The issue with domestic violence cases is that most victims do not want to report their family members, no matter how abusive. As seen in the study, there were more cases of minor injuries, constituting 54%, rather than major injuries. In those cases, the victim often forgave the abuser.

According to Texas laws, after reports of domestic violence are received by the authorities, the state charges the accused with assault and family violence. If the accused is convicted of those crimes, the penalties are often harsh and can leave a person with a permanent criminal record. Therefore, it may be a wise decision for a person charged with domestic violence to seek a lawyer’s advice as early as possible so that his or her case is adequately represented in court.

Source: KXII, “Gainesville announces proclamation against domestic violence,” June 3, 2014