Arrests on drug charges are rising in Texas, according to recent reports, and the Texas drug scene has been the focus of law enforcement officials since the surge in narcotics-related cases in the state began two years ago. The most recent activity centered on Loredo, Texas, where 24 suspects were arrested and arraigned for connections to a large drug ring located in South Texas. The individuals who were arrested were suspected to be active in the drug scene for years. Experts say that this kind of drug activity poses a threat to society in general, and serious consequences to the overall well-being of the community at large.

According to reports, 24 people out of the 25 arrested have been charged with conspiracy relating to transactions involving contraband drugs in the state of Texas, including drug trafficking, drug manufacturing and distribution of prescription drugs. Only one of the suspects charged was alleged to have had a large quantity of narcotic drugs in his possession. Federal prosecutors said that investigations clearly point to the fact that the suspect, along with his accomplices, were proceeding with a criminal intent of drug distribution, especially cocaine, in Texas.

Sources say that this group was allegedly providing drugs to hundreds of customers on a regular basis. Federal prosecutors have said that those who were arrested on drug charges are currently scheduled for court appearances. The approval of an indictment filed two months ago triggered the arrests for allegedly receiving and selling caches of cocaine and cannabis for the past two to three years.

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