Driving while intoxicated in Houston, Texas is seen as a serious violation of the rules of the road. However, most laws aimed at curbing such driving are more severe in Texas than other parts of the country. Even a first-time offense can result in a suspension or revocation of a driver’s license, while repeat offenses can be grounds for imprisoning the driver. Additionally, courts can require drivers to use special devices to prove sobriety before driving to stop repeat drunk driving offenders.

The reason for such stiff penalties is perhaps apparent from the statistics regarding injury and death caused by drunk driving. A drunk driver cannot control mental and physical reactions or his or her car. One example of loss of control is a recent incident where a Houston Police car was hit from behind by a man suspected of DWI, slightly injuring the police officer in the car. The officer was treated at a nearby hospital, while the driver was taken into custody on a DWI charge.

Police closed the road for few hours while an investigation of the accident was conducted. Given the implied consent laws in Texas, any driver suspected of driving under the influence cannot refuse a field sobriety test. From law enforcement perspective, this part of the law makes it easier to charge individuals suspected of drunk driving. Licensed drivers cannot prevent such a test from being conducted which can automatically mean suspension of their licenses for up to a year.

Since most drivers are not fully versed in all aspects of the law, a driver might be penalized excessively by an officer who applies a different section of the law. Such cases may require intervention by someone with a better understanding of the law who can ensure that drivers are not penalized unfairly.

Source: News92FM.com, “Suspected Drunk Driver Rear-Ends HPD Officer,” July 22, 2014