As any Houston resident knows, carrying out any form of sexual assault is a serious crime. An alleged offender can be prosecuted for committing a felony and be jailed for anywhere from two years to as many as 20 years. However, with a majority of sex crimes, it must first be established that the act was not by any means consensual. Invariably, prosecutors also rely on physical abuse suffered as a consequence of refusing sexual contact.

In a recent incident at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas, two players on the university’s men’s football team were accused of sexually assaulting a woman who was a fellow student they knew. The accused are being held on charges of felony sexual assault, and could face prison time if convicted. In addition, one of them may also be charged for taking improper pictures of the victim. The two have also been suspended from the football team.

According to the police, once the two men were arrested they were interrogated separately, but apparently communicated through text messages in order to present a coherent account. The police have not, however, divulged any details about what the men said. According the victim, the incident began as consensual sex between the victim and one of the men, with the other being let into the room later and forcing her into having sex despite her protests.

In a case like this, the police are likely to seek physical evidence that can prove beyond a doubt that sexual misconduct was involved. The men must try to establish that the sex act was consensual, since this will require the prosecution to present all obtained evidence in order to refute their statement.

Source:, “2 Texas football players charged with sex assault”, July 24, 2014