Violent crimes include a wide range of criminal offenses, from assault to murder. Some come in as misdemeanor offenses, while others are some of the most serious felonies in state criminal law. Wherever violent crime charges a person here in Texas is facing fall on this spectrum, the person’s future can be heavily affected by their case. Authorities take violent crime cases incredibly seriously, and a conviction of any type of violent crime could subject a person to life-impacting penalties. So, the quality of defense representation a person has in a case involving violent crime charges can be a matter of great import for them.

Many things can impact how many violent crime cases come up in a given region. One is whether there are any special law enforcement initiatives related to violent crime occurring in the region. Such an initiative is currently underway here in the Houston area.

The initiative was announced by the governor last month. It is a state-led initiative aimed at combating violent crime in Houston and Harris County.

Among the things state and local police have done since the launching of the initiative is engage in two law enforcement operations in relation to it.

It was recently announced that, so far, the initiative has led to over 450 arrests. Altogether, the arrests involved hundreds of charges, many of which were misdemeanor charges.

According to authorities, anecdotal information points to the initiative leading to an increase in arrests as compared to typical levels.

One wonders what impacts the initiative will have in the region as it continues, including in the areas of arrests levels and how common facing violent crime charges is in the region.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “Authorities say 450 people were arrested in crackdown on crime in Harris County,” John D. Harden, May 22, 2017