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June 2017 Archives

Help! I've been charged with theft

Theft is the taking of property that belongs to another person without his or her consent with the intent to deprive that individual of it permanently. If you have been charged with theft, according to the laws of Texas, you could be in for some severe consequences if you are ultimately convicted. It will all come down to the details of your case.

Texas drug crimes: 2 arrested in drug-related burglary

Police in Texas recently responded to an alleged burglary in process and ended up seizing nearly $1 million worth of methamphetamines. This event reportedly occurred on Monday, June 12, in the Houston area. A male and female found at the scene have since been arrested and will likely be charged with burglary and drug crimes.

Texas violent crimes: Fighting assault and battery charges

Being charged with assault and battery in Texas can come with some significant penalties if one is convicted. Violent crimes, such as this, simply are not treated lightly in court. One does not have to let an assault and battery charge ruin his or her future, though. An experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to help.

How to determine which defense strategy is best in your situation

There are many types of situations that can somehow result in criminal charges being filed against you. Perhaps you were driving along a Texas highway when police pulled you over because your tail light was out. The next thing you knew, you were asked to step out of your vehicle and walk a straight line, then charged with drunk driving. Maybe you borrowed a friend's jacket, and an officer searched the pockets, found a baggie of suspicious material and charged you with a drug crime.

Texas drunk driving: Field sobriety testing, must one comply?

Texas residents who are suspected of driving while impaired will likely be pulled over by law enforcement and asked to perform field sobriety tests. What are these tests and why are they used to check for drunk driving? Is one required to comply with an officer's demands?

What kinds of prison sentences can be given for burglary?

Burglary of a building/habitation is a felony offense here in Texas. So, a conviction on a burglary charge in the state can result in a person facing a significant jail/prison sentence. Just how big of a sentence depends on certain factors.

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