Police in Texas recently responded to an alleged burglary in process and ended up seizing nearly $1 million worth of methamphetamines. This event reportedly occurred on Monday, June 12, in the Houston area. A male and female found at the scene have since been arrested and will likely be charged with burglary and drug crimes.

According to a local news report, police went to a home to check out a potential burglary in process after receiving a call from a resident in the area. When they arrived, they allegedly found a male and female loading methamphetamine-laced lollipops into their car. After detaining these individuals, officers inspected the home. Between what was in the car and what was in the home, they reportedly seized 600 pounds of the candy-drug treats.

Officers believe that the lollipops were manufactured in the kitchen at the property. They are also concerned they were intended for children as some of them were created in the shapes of Star Wars and Batman figures. The investigation into this case is still open.

Few other details about this incident are currently available. The two individuals found at the scene will likely face serious charges, however, as burglary and drug crimes are not treated lightly in Texas. As this is the case, each of these individuals would likely benefit from the knowledge and experience of a seasoned criminal defense attorney. With legal counsel at their sides, they can each take the steps necessary to seek the best outcomes possible for their individual cases.

Source: CNN, “Texas police seize 600 pounds of meth-laced lollipops“, Amanda Jackson, June 13, 2017