Being charged with assault and battery in Texas can come with some significant penalties if one is convicted. Violent crimes, such as this, simply are not treated lightly in court. One does not have to let an assault and battery charge ruin his or her future, though. An experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to help.

In order to be found guilty on an assault and battery charge, prosecuting attorneys have the burden of proving that very specific elements exist in one’s case. In Texas, there are a total of three elements that must be present in order to be convicted. These elements are:

  • Threatening an individual with the intent of causing fear of harm
  • Carrying out the threat and causing physical harm
  • Intent

Assault and battery cases are far from simple. For example, when it comes to charges, depending on the details of the case, one may be charged anywhere from a class C misdemeanor to a first degree felony. Consequences vary from a fine a $500 to life in prison plus fines. Obviously seeking for a case dismissal or a reduction in charges would best benefit anyone accused of this type of offense.

There are various defense strategies that may be used to fight assault and battery charges. These include claiming self-defense, claiming the act was unintentional, denying involvement and claiming one was intoxicated — among others. With assistance from an experienced criminal defense attorney, Texas residents who are facing violent crimes charges such as this may pursue legal courses that will best benefit their circumstances.

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