Burglary of a building/habitation is a felony offense here in Texas. So, a conviction on a burglary charge in the state can result in a person facing a significant jail/prison sentence. Just how big of a sentence depends on certain factors.

One significant factor in burglary cases is where the alleged burglary occurred. Under state law, a burglary of a building that is not a habitation is a state jail felony. The jail sentence range connected with this type of felony is six months to two years.

Meanwhile, burglaries of habitations are more severe felonies in the state. The general felony level for a burglary of a habitation is a second-degree felony, which has a prison sentence range of two to 20 years.

And there are certain special circumstances in which a burglary of a habitation can rise to a first-degree felony. This felony level’s prison sentence range starts at five years and goes up to life.

So, in some circumstances, being accused of burglary could expose a Texan to the possibility of spending decades, or even the rest of their life, in prison. This underscores the high level of seriousness being charged with a burglary crime holds in the state.

Given this, there are many things that it can be of incredibly high importance for a person to understand when facing burglary charges in the state. One is the potential consequences their case could have. Another is what different routes they could have for challenging the charges brought against them or trying to minimize the case’s impact. Among the steps a person accused of burglary can take to try to ensure they are properly informed on their situation is to promptly discuss their case with a skilled and knowledgeable property crime defense lawyer.

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