A federal grand jury recently indicted a Texas man for drug and weapon crimes. Specifically, the man has been accused of possessing over 110 grams of the methamphetamine, along with other drugs and guns at a home. Those accused of drug crimes in Illinois and across the country are presumed innocent of all formal charges unless and until prosecutors are actually able to prove otherwise in court.

The 45-year-old man faces a charge of possessing methamphetamine while intending to distribute it, as well as possessing a firearm while engaging in drug trafficking. He was furthermore accused of possessing a gun while being a felon. Federal prosecutors are seeking a minimum of $10,000 in criminal forfeiture resulting from drug sales as well as seven guns.

The man was arrested back in March as part of a joint drug investigation among a sheriff’s office, a police department and the state’s public safety department. At that time, police reportedly discovered a significant amount of guns and drugs at a home. The drugs allegedly included not only methamphetamine but also marijuana, cocaine, Ecstasy and Xanax. Of the guns discovered at the home, one was reportedly stolen.

If the Texas man ends up being convicted of his charges, he will be given fines that could be as high as $20 million or more, life behind prison bars and a minimum of 10 years of supervised release due to his already having over two felony convictions. The man has the right to fight his charges at trial, where the prosecution must prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt. Alternatively, he may pursue a plea deal, if available, which may lead to lighter charges and thus a more lenient sentence than what would occur after a finding of guilt at trial.


Source: news-journal.com, “Gilmer man indicted on federal drug, gun charges”, Meredith Shamburger, Aug. 1, 2017