A woman in Texas is facing numerous criminal charges following a car crash that occurred back in July. According to reports, her 7-year-old son was killed in the wreck. Due to the severity of this tragedy and the potential consequences that could accompany a conviction, the accused will need the best criminal defense available to her.

In the evening of July 6, the accused — a 29-year-old woman — was in a minor wreck. Police were called to the scene, reports were taken and everyone was sent on their way. Just two hours after this incident, she was involved in another accident. This time, her car is said to have gone airborne and her 7-year-old son was ejected from the vehicle, causing him to suffer fatal injuries. Two other children — ages 4 and 6 — survived the crash.

The accused is said to have had various drugs in her system at the time of the second wreck, including amphetamine, generic Xanax and methanphetamine. She was arrested and bond was set in her case at $200,000. She has reportedly remained in jail in lieu of paying bond.

The charges in this case include DUI and murder — among others. If convicted, the accused could face a number of serious penalties according to Texas laws including a lengthy imprisonment and hefty fines. She could also lose her parental rights to her two remaining children. With so much on the line in this case, how the criminal defense on her behalf is presented is really going to matter. An experienced attorney can help this individual navigate the court system and fight for the best outcome possible.

Source: abc13.com, “Mother now charged with DUI was in crash hours before 2nd crash that killed son“, Jessica Willey, Aug. 22, 2017