Late at night, it may be difficult for drivers to discern what is happening when there are multiple police cars and ambulances in an area with lights flashing — especially if it involves the closure of a ramp. Without clear indicators, a driver could easily be confused by an officer’s attempt to close a road. Unfortunately, police in Houston, Texas claim a woman who drove past two police cars used as barricades, forcing two officers to jump over a barrier, was drunk driving.

The incident that led to the woman’s arrest began just before 3 a.m. on a day in late July. Two officers say they witnessed an accident on an exit ramp. They reportedly attempted to block the ramp with their patrol cars.

However, police claim that a 25-year-old woman drove around the cars onto the ramp. Her car reportedly struck the disabled vehicle from the initial crash as well as the leg of a police officer. Both that officer as well as the second one at the scene claim they were forced to jump over a highway barrier to avoid the car, falling approximately 16 feet. One of the officers was treated and released while the other is hospitalized but expected to recover; the woman has since been arrested and charged with intoxication assault.

It is unclear how the woman’s level of sobriety was determined or what her blood alcohol content was believed to be at the time of the crash. Often, methods used to determine whether a driver was drunk driving are inaccurate and subject to human error. To help respond to the charges against her as a result of the Houston, Texas accident, the woman may choose to seek advice from an attorney with experience with such cases.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “Woman charged with drunkenly injuring Houston police officers“, Margaret Kadifa and Brooke A. Lewis, July 28, 2017