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September 2017 Archives

Jail not appropriate in all drug crimes cases

Texas, like most other states, has a big drug problem. There simply are a lot of people who either use or supply them. Drug crimes are not treated lightly in court; however, lawmakers also are aware that jail is not appropriate in every drug crime case. This is where drug courts come in.

The Breathalyzer, a standard test for suspected drunk driving

There are several sobriety tests that law enforcement officers in Texas may utilize in order to check drivers for possible impairment. The Breathalyzer is a pretty standard test that is used for suspected drunk driving. When asked to perform this test, must one comply?

Texas theft and property crimes: Food store allegedly robbed

Police in Texas are looking for three individuals who they say robbed a food store in North West Houston. This event reportedly occurred August 24 in the early afternoon. Theft and property crimes of this nature are not taken lightly by law enforcement officials. When caught, the individuals believed responsible will likely face a number of significant penalties if convicted.

Don't let criminal charges for robbery rob you of your future

Robbery is defined as taking money or property from another party by using fear or physical force against the victim. If a reported robbery involves a gun or other deadly weapon, if the crime victim ends up suffering an injury, or if the victim is disabled or over the age of 65, the alleged robber may face a charge of aggravated or armed robbery.

Prescription-related drug crimes are no joke

The power of certain prescription medications can make them difficult for some people to resist taking. Those who have access to these drugs are not the people you would think of as having a drug problem. But, sadly, a number of health care professionals in Texas have been charged with prescription-related drug crimes. These individuals have a lot to lose if they are ultimately convicted.

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