The power of certain prescription medications can make them difficult for some people to resist taking. Those who have access to these drugs are not the people you would think of as having a drug problem. But, sadly, a number of health care professionals in Texas have been charged with prescription-related drug crimes. These individuals have a lot to lose if they are ultimately convicted.

Medical providers can lose their professional licenses if they are found guilty of prescription-related drug crimes. The crimes are typically fueled by addiction. Taking away one’s career and throwing the individual in jail is not likely to solve the problem.

In cases where addiction is the main issue, it may be possible to seek to have one’s case moved to drug court. This is a court sponsored rehabilitation program. In taking this route, a health care professional may be able to keep his or her professional license and get the help needed to beat his or her addiction. In cases where drug trafficking is thought to be an issue, however, prosecuting attorneys are likely to push for the maximum penalties. To learn more about the different types of charges and consequences attached to prescription-related drug crimes, please visit our firm’s website.

Drug crimes of all types are not taken lightly by the state of Texas. However, the state also understands that there are those individuals for whom traditional punishment is not appropriate. If you are facing a prescription-related drug crime, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help choose the best legal route as you fight for the best outcome possible.