Being accused of committing a financial crime can understandably be scary, as such a charge can be life-altering if it results in a conviction. The reality is that authorities typically investigate these types of crimes many years before they bring charges, so if you are facing charges, you may feel uneasy about your chances of fighting them successfully.

Fortunately, even though you may face a criminal charge, that does not mean you did the crime in the eyes of Lady Justice. Prosecutors must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt before a conviction can ever happen. One financial crime in particular that carries stiff penalties for those convicted is securities fraud, or investment fraud.

Company fraud

If you are a company officer or director, someone may accuse you of not accurately reporting the business’s financial data to shareholders. This may make the company stock appear to be worth more than it is and thus motivate investors to purchase shares of a company that is not really healthy. Securities fraud is the type of crime committed at Enron back in the early 2000s.


Yet another example of investment fraud is if somebody provides fake information about a certain industry or company or about the stock market. For example, the individual may buy many shares of a small company’s stock and then present false information about the company in an effort to encourage other people to buy into the company. Once the price of the stock goes up and is high enough, the individual may quickly sell the stock to gain a profit.

Insider trading

Insider trading is another type of the financial crime known as securities fraud. If you had confidential information regarding your business’s financial status and reportedly used this information to determine whether to sell or buy stock, before the information reached members of the public, then you allegedly committed insider trading.

For instance, perhaps you were an accountant at your company and quickly sold your stock because you knew the business was heading toward bankruptcy. If you did this without first notifying the company’s board, authorities may label you an inside trader.

Your rights

If you are facing accusations of committing a financial crime such as securities fraud, you have the right to proceed to trial to fight the charge vigorously. An attorney in Texas will look for holes in the prosecution’s argument and will push for an outcome that will ultimately be in your best interests considering the circumstances surrounding your case.