An individual in Houston is facing criminal charges following a recent pedestrian accident. This incident is said to have occurred the evening of Oct. 8 in the northwest part of the city. The accused has been charged with drunk driving and fatally injuring the pedestrian.

According to report, at approximately 7:20 p.m., a 44-year-old male was operating his vehicle on West TC Jester when, at around the 900 block, he struck a pedestrian who was not in a crosswalk. Sadly, the victim suffered significant injuries and died before he or she would be transported for medical treatment. No further information about the victim has been released to the public.

The accused was promptly taken into police custody. Officers believe that he was driving while impaired at the time of the crash. He was booked into the city jail. He chose to remain in jail rather than pay bail which was set at $500.

In Houston, as well as all across the state of Texas, drunk driving is a serious offense. When another person is injured or killed due to one’s decision to drink and drive, the potential consequences can be quite severe. If the accused in this case is ultimately convicted for driving while impaired and causing a fatal injury, he could face years behind bars — among other penalties. In order to seek the best outcome possible, this individual can seek the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney who will be able to help him navigate the criminal court system and present a defense that will serve his current and future interests.

Source:, “Houston man charged with DWI after fatally striking pedestrian Sunday“, Margaret Kadifa, Oct. 9, 2017