Police in Texas say that a recent hit-and-run accident was the result of a hate crime. The victim of this crime did not appear to suffer any physical injuries as a result of the wreck, but there was significant damage to her property and emotional damage allegedly suffered. The man and woman deemed responsible for the car accident, when found, will likely face a number of charges. A criminal defense attorney will be able to help them fight the allegations made in this case.

According to reports, a 27-year-old woman of color was operating her vehicle in the Summerwood community, on her way to pick up her toddler, when the driver of a truck allegedly pulled alongside her car and began shouting racial slurs and making derogatory remarks. The passenger in the truck is said to also have taken part in the verbal assault. In an effort to get away, the victim made a U-turn; however, the driver of the truck supposedly put his vehicle in reverse, rammed her car and then sped away.

Police were able to get a partial plate number and have asked residents in the community to share security camera footage if they have any that shows the event. So far, the couple deemed responsible for this alleged incident have not been found. When they are, the charges against them will include leaving the scene of an accident and involvement in a hate crime. The consequences if convicted on either can be quite severe.

In Texas and elsewhere, hate crimes are not treated lightly. Those thought responsible for this event are likely to be found in time and will face the full brunt of the criminal court system. Each of the accused individuals will not have to face this system alone, however. Each has the right to obtain a criminal defense attorney who will help them navigate their legal proceedings as they seek the best possible outcomes.

Source: khou.com, “Deputies investigating possible hate crime after hit and run“, Melissa Correa, Oct. 19, 2017