On Dec. 18, police in Houston received a call regarding a motorist asleep at the wheel in an active traffic lane. Upon investigating the incident, the driver was arrested for drunk driving. The consequences for such a crime can have serious consequences, particularly as the accused is a member of the police force.

According to reports, just after midnight, police responded to a call about a man sleeping in his car on South Loop East around the 8000 block. Officers had to wake the man. He was promptly arrested and transferred to a holding facility for alleged DUI.

Bond was set in his case at $500, which was swiftly paid. He is now free at home awaiting his criminal proceedings. For local law enforcement officers, being convicted on a DUI charge could mean job loss — particularly if the DUI occurred while on duty. The accused in this case was not on duty, and according to a spokesperson for the police department, a DUI of this nature may not result in job loss — it all depends on how things work out in court.

No one was hurt in this drunk driving incident, and it is believed to be the accused’s first offense. If this happens to be the case, he may qualify for a diversion program rather than face prosecution. This is something offered to most non-violent, first-time DUI offenders in Houston. An experienced criminal defense attorney can assist the accused by reviewing all his options with him and helping him pursue a legal course that will allow him to achieve the best outcome possible.

Source: abc13.com, “Houston police officer arrested for DUI on paid leave“, Dec. 19, 2017