Many Texas residents own guns. A number of them have concealed carry permits and, therefore, need to be careful about when and where they choose to show their weapons. Doing it without just cause could result in criminal charges and the need for a criminal defense.

Carrying a concealed firearm is a right offered to just about anyone who is willing to go through the necessary process to gain a permit. Those with certain criminal offenses on their records will not be able to obtain such a permit, and those who have this permit may lose it if criminally convicted on certain charges. It is only a right reserved for those who can show they can carry a loaded firearm responsibly.

Anyone with a concealed carry permit who uses his or her weapon to threaten another individual may have his or her permit revoked. It does not take pulling out and pointing the gun at someone; all it takes is displaying the weapon in some way so that the other party feels threatened. This is called brandishing a weapon.

The consequences for brandishing a weapon go beyond losing one’s right to carry a concealed weapon. Jail time is possible, and fines may have to be paid. Fighting brandishing charges may not prove to be an easy feat. Thankfully, this is something Texas residents do not have to do alone. With the assistance of a criminal defense attorney, those accused of brandishing firearms can take the steps necessary to fight the charges and seek the best possible outcomes.

Source:, “What Does Brandishing Mean? And Why You Should Never Do It…“, Luke McCoy, Jan. 3, 2018