Texas residents who stand accused of growing or mass producing illegal drugs may face some serious consequences at both state and federal levels if they are convicted. Illegal cultivation and manufacturing are simply drugs crimes that are not treated lightly. Consequences may include significant fines and time behind bars.

What does illegal cultivation mean? Cultivation is just another word for growing. In some states, it is legal to grow certain types of drugs — such as marijuana — if one has a permit or only grows so much for personal use. Texas is not one of those states. Cultivation of any drug will likely be treated harshly.

What does drug manufacturing mean? This is just another way to say mass producing with the intent to distribute. In order for authorities to charge a person with manufacturing, that individual must:

  • Have the drugs or materials to make drugs in his or her possession
  • Have equipment to produce the drugs
  • Show intent to manufacture

Those who are facing cultivation and/or manufacturing charges may have long legal battles ahead of them, but this does not mean there is no hope. In Texas and elsewhere, there are various defense strategies that may be utilized to benefit one’s situation. An experienced criminal defense attorney can review the details of cases involving drug crimes and help those accused find the best ways to approach the matter in court. Some may be able to fight for case dismissals, while others may be more successful in seeking charge and penalty reductions. Every case is different.

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