Police in Texas recently took six men who were trying to cross the Mexican border into custody. These individuals are believed to have been involved in an ATM robbery that occurred in Laredo. As the charges filed against each of them are quite serious, how they navigate the criminal defense system is really important.

The men — whose identities have not been released to the public — are accused of robbing an ATM service worker on Tuesday, Feb. 6. They are said to have gotten away with $88,000 in cash. After the incident, the men supposedly fled in an SUV before switching cars and heading toward the border. A border patrol agent detained the men after allegedly finding the money in the trunk of one of the two vehicles they were utilizing.

Several ATM robberies have occurred in the Houston area as of late. Police are trying to determine if the suspects in the Laredo robbery are connected to those crimes. At this time, the accused individuals have only been charged for the Laredo incident. The charges against them are involvement in organized crime and aggravated robbery.

Crimes of this nature are not treated lightly in the state of Texas. If these gentlemen are convicted, the potential consequences may be significant. An experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to help each of the accused as they work their way through the court system. With legal counsel at their sides, they can do everything necessary to fight for the best possible outcomes.

Source: abc13.com, “6 Houston men found with $88K charged in Laredo ATM robbery“, Feb. 8, 2018