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March 2018 Archives

Year-long bust leads to 40 arrests related to drug crimes

The trafficking of illegal substances can often involve many different participants. In Texas, a year-long investigation has led to 40 arrests related to an alleged cartel drug ring. The alleged drug crimes are said to have originated in a mechanic shop in Austin and have ties to Mexican cartel La Familia.

Texas trio accused of drug charges in Ohio trafficking sting

New technology and interstate communications have certainly had an impact on many things, and the drug trade is no exception. A group of people were recently accused of federal drug crimes related to the attempt to mail a large amount of fentanyl from another state back to Texas. The large quantity of the deadly drug, valued at $1 million, was seized before it made its way to Texas.

Drug crimes related to opiods on the rise in Texas

When people think of drug crimes, illegal substances are often the first thing that come to mind. But across the United States, opiod abuse and drug crimes related to prescription pills are sweeping through even the most unassuming towns. In the Rio Grande Valley and other parts of Texas, police are observing a growing trend of opiod abuse in high schools, colleges and homes.

Texas woman charged with drunk driving

An alleged drunk driver was set to begin her trial in Hays County as of March 5, according to court records. The 22-year-old Texas woman has been accused of causing the death of a man as well as his unborn child back in 2016. She stands charged with drunk driving assault with a vehicle as well as several other charges. If she is found guilty, she could face jail time and will almost certainly lose her license, among other penalties. 

Meth use can change your brain, lead to personal and legal issues

When someone suffers changes to his or her brain, it is not unlikely for behavioral issues to come about. Brain changes could result from a number of scenarios, including suffering an injury, effects of an illness or damage caused by drug use. When it comes to drug abuse issues, individuals could face a range of changes in their lives and may even wind up in difficult legal predicaments.

Man facing drunk driving charge after civilian intervention

Often, stories of people being arrested start with a police confrontation. In the case of one man in Texas, however, a run-in with a civilian led to a drunk driving charge. A 20-year-old man followed a driver who he perceived to be driving dangerously, urging others to call the police and staying with the alleged drunk driver until police arrived.

Police dogs help police investigating drug crimes

Police officers have many methods of looking for people who are breaking the law. One of the tactics used by authorities investigating drug crimes involves the use of dogs who are able to sniff out substances. In Texas, a dog has sniffed out over $100 million worth of drugs on Interstate 10 between San Antonio and Houston.

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