Often, stories of people being arrested start with a police confrontation. In the case of one man in Texas, however, a run-in with a civilian led to a drunk driving charge. A 20-year-old man followed a driver who he perceived to be driving dangerously, urging others to call the police and staying with the alleged drunk driver until police arrived.

The student spotted someone driving a pickup unusually on his way home from Northwest Vista College in Texas. He began recording the driver’s behavior, including when the pickup hit a ditch on an access road and then the driver turned his signal on a mile too yearly. The video has received a great deal of interest online. Eventually, the pickup hit a berm on a highway on ramp, swerving and coming to a stop. 

After the pickup was halted by this action, the student exited his vehicle and approached. Reportedly, he yelled at the driver to stop moving. Upon approaching, he said that the driver appeared to be drunk. He based this opinion on the smell of alcohol on the man and his behavior on the road up until that point.

The civilian’s actions led to a drunk driving charge for the 61-year-old driver. As this news story shows, civilians in Texas can be involved in certain charges such as drunk driving if they record evidence or alert the police to suspicious behavior. Those who are facing such allegations should contact a local defense attorney to discus possible defenses and next steps.

Source: The Washington Post, “Viral video shows Texas man ordering an alleged drunk driver to park it“, March 1, 2018