When someone suffers changes to his or her brain, it is not unlikely for behavioral issues to come about. Brain changes could result from a number of scenarios, including suffering an injury, effects of an illness or damage caused by drug use. When it comes to drug abuse issues, individuals could face a range of changes in their lives and may even wind up in difficult legal predicaments.

One substance in particular that could have severe impacts on your brain is methamphetamine. Unfortunately, this drug has an addictive nature, and you could have found yourself at the beck and call of this drug after being pressured into using or otherwise obtaining that first high. The use of meth can cause physical changes to the brain and body as well as have negative impacts on the mind overall.

Physical effects

When it comes to the impacts methamphetamine use has on your brain, you could face a considerable risk of suffering a fatal stroke. The substance places a substantial amount of stress on your blood vessels, which makes it difficult for proper blood flow to reach your brain. Even if a stroke does not prove fatal, it could still have permanent effects.

Additionally, using this substance can severely damage brain tissue itself. This type of damage can also have lasting impacts, and even if you stopped using for a year, you may still exhibit signs of poor judgment, memory issues and lack of coordination.

Mental effects

As mentioned, your mind and mental abilities can also face damage from methamphetamine use. You may lose the ability to keep your life organized, and as a result, you may become irritable, aggressive, psychotic, violent or exhibit other troubling behaviors. You could develop problems like anxiety and depression, and these feelings may cause you to seek out more of the substance.

Criminal effects

Unfortunately, once a drug takes control it can be difficult to get out of its grip. Physical and mental impacts on your brain may have you carrying out actions that you would never have dreamed possible before your addiction. As a result, you may land in trouble with law enforcement if they believe that you are in possession of, have manufactured or intend to distribute methamphetamine or other drugs.

If you are facing such a predicament, you may feel hopeless. However, you do have legal options for defending against criminal allegations. Additionally, you may have a chance to use this situation to work toward obtaining help for your addiction in hopes of getting your life back on track.