Police officers have many methods of looking for people who are breaking the law. One of the tactics used by authorities investigating drug crimes involves the use of dogs who are able to sniff out substances. In Texas, a dog has sniffed out over $100 million worth of drugs on Interstate 10 between San Antonio and Houston.

The drug crimes were alleged in two small towns along the Texas interstate, Waelder and Weimar, with populations of 1,000 and 2,000 respectively. Their proximately to the border between the United States and Mexico makes these towns a common area to find drugs on their way to Houston. The dog, named Lobos, has been quite successful sniffing out drugs in the area. Most recently, he found $6 million in liquid methamphetamine.

One of the biggest busts where the dog assisted was the seizure of 150 pounds of cocaine worth over $10 million in September. Typically drug-sniffing dogs work for about five years, though no retirement age is specified. Lobos is 9 years old, and although he moves a bit slower than he used to, he is still alert when duty calls.

Drug-sniffing dogs are often used by Texas police to spot individuals, vehicles or homes that may be carrying illicit substances. In order to convict someone of drug crimes, however, every element of the formal accusations must be proved in court and beyond a reasonable doubt. Every person accused of such a crime has the right to an attorney. Hiring a savvy criminal defense attorney is a good idea for anyone accused of such a crime.

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