The trafficking of illegal substances can often involve many different participants. In Texas, a year-long investigation has led to 40 arrests related to an alleged cartel drug ring. The alleged drug crimes are said to have originated in a mechanic shop in Austin and have ties to Mexican cartel La Familia.

The arrests were the result of an investigation named Operation Spanx. Besides discovering what is believed to be the focal point of the distribution network, authorities also believe the operation led to the identification of the Austin-area ringleader. The DEA claims that this individual had direct contact with those in control of the Mexican cartel.

Along with the alleged base of operations, detectives also claim to have discovered established drug distribution cells throughout Austin. The drugs involved in the case purportedly include methamphetamine, including crystal meth and liquid meth, cocaine and heroin. According to authorities, the drugs were repackaged in Austin and sent to other states, making this a federal case. During the sting, a large amount of drugs and $400,000 in U.S. currency were reportedly seized.

Customers of the mechanic shop in question have told the media that they are shocked by the allegations of drug crimes operating out of the business. For their part, authorities in Texas hope the bust will help clean up the Rundberg area, where violent crimes have drastically reduced over the past decade. In major operations like this, many people may be arrested and, depending on their involvement, may have multiple defense options. Speaking with an experienced defense lawyer is an important step for anyone facing such allegations.

Source:, “DEA: North Austin mechanic shop was drug cartel distribution site”, Calily Bien, March 29, 2018