Violent organizations such as gangs are often involved in major stories about illegal activity. Recently, 57 people connected with several white supremacist groups have been charged with drug crimes. As of Monday, April 30, 51 of these individuals were in custody and six others were being sought by police.

The allegations from authorities state that those charged were members of gangs such as the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas. Other gangs involved may include the Aryan Circle, the Soldiers of Aryan Culture and others. The allegations say the illegal activity began in Oct. 2015 and involved methamphetamine distribution, mainly across North Texas.

Along with the drug charges, some of those arrested are being charged in connection with other violent crimes. Four are charged with kidnapping in relation to an alleged incident from January. According to the charges, the group help a captive in order to obtain money from a drug deal. Charges state that the captive was held from January through to February and that a hatchet was used to remove his finger. The others in the group are mainly charged with drug-trafficking violations.

Authorities, prosecutors and juries may consider gang-related drug crimes differently than solo drug distribution operations, especially if the group in question is violent or based around a hateful ideology. For example, conspiracy can become involved in the charges. Additionally, in this case and others like it, drugs, guns and money are often seized by police during the raid and may be used as evidence. Those who are facing charges for drug crimes such as these should contact a defense attorney in Texas to understand possible options for their case.

Source:, “Dozens with ties to white supremacist gangs arrested on drug, kidnapping charges”, Pete Souza, May 1, 2018