The increase in illegal use of prescription drugs has led to charges being laid on health care professionals. A former nurse in Texas was recently arrested in relation to multiple drug crimes and charged with three counts of obtaining drugs through fraud and four counts of possession of controlled substances. Her co-workers reported her to police after allegedly discovering her involvement in stealing prescription pills.

The co-workers told police they noticed something amiss in Nov. 2017, when a staff nurse discovered a discrepancy between the automated dispensing machines for pills and the electronic medical records. After some investigating, she concluded that the controlled substances had been pulled out under the names of patients who had already received their prescriptions. According to hospital records, it appeared that the pulled prescriptions had not been administered to patients.

Following this discovery, an investigation found multiple similar discrepancies in the hospital’s system. According to their investigation, 1,658 pills were unaccounted for. These included drocodone, ocycontin and codeine. The nurse accused of taking the pills was fired after telling the Texas Board of Nursing that she stole them due to a prescription drug addiction.

The former nurse now faces several charges for drug crimes related to the theft and possession of the pills. Her bail has been set at $50,000. Health care professionals who are addicted to such substances and use their position to obtain drugs may face charges for drug crimes along with the professional ramifications. Those who are facing such charges should contact a Texas criminal defense lawyer to understand possible recourse options.

Source:, “Affidavit: Former San Antonio nurse stole nearly 1,700 pills from rehab facility“, Fares Sabawi, May 22, 2018