States along the Mexico border often have additional security concerns related to the drug trade. Typically, drug crimes related to trafficking from Mexico into Texas are handled by U.S. Border Patrol and DEA agents. However, Mexican authorities may also collaborate on some of these busts.

Recently, $8 million in marijuana was seized at the Texas border in part due to aid from the Mexican government. The seizure occurred at the the Laredo Port of Entry. While seizures are not uncommon at this border point, this marks one of the largest confiscations this year, with officials taking in 423 bundles of drugs amounting to over 10,000 pounds.

According to reports, Mexican authorities helped to stop a truck trailer attempting to cross the border into Texas. They provided a tip to U.S. border agents and, together, the two groups stopped the truck. Mexican police then took custody of the large stock of marijuana.

The United States has increased border patrol spending to over ten times what it was twenty five years ago. Last year alone, the government invested more than $3.8 billion on border enforcement. One of the goals of these expenditures is to stop contraband from entering the United States from common entry points such as Laredo. Authorities on the other side of the border appear to also be supporting this goal of preventing and punishing drug crimes. Those who are arrested in relation to trafficking incidents in Texas should contact a lawyer with a background in federal charges such as those related to drugs.

Source:, “$8 Million Worth of Marijuana Seized at Texas Border“, Adam Drury, May 21, 2018