One of the most common types of theft comes from employees stealing or embezzling money from their workplace. Cashiers often have the opportunity to commit such crimes as they work closely with often large amounts of money. In Texas, a former cashier has been charged with theft of over $4,000 in cash. The charges come following an accusation from the supermarket where he was employed.

In Texas, theft charges and associated punishments vary, depending on the amount. In this case, the 19-year-old former cashier was charged with theft in the category of “more than $2,500 but less than $30,000.” The man was arrested after his supervisor called police, telling them of suspicions that the cashier had been making up returns in order to embezzle money from the store.

The supervisor who made the accusation was in a loss prevention position. He and police suspect the 19-year-old of undergoing this embezzlement process totaling over $4,000 over the course of 10 weeks. The accusations were made following a routine audit of cash drawers.

The cashier told police that he had stolen the money after being told by other workers how to commit theft while working at the supermarket. He said he began making fake returns for small amounts around $10, then increased to $200 thefts on occasion. The suspect was informed of his right to a lawyer and right to remain silent under Texas protocol, but apparently shared this information with detectives regardless. Often, asking to speak with a lawyer before answering police questions is the best strategy for someone facing theft charges in Texas.

Source:, “Wichita Falls cashier reportedly takes over $3,800 from grocery store“, Patrick Johnston, May 2, 2018