When an individual is involved in a car accident, he or she often needs medical attention. But what if a hospitalized individual is also under arrest for drunk driving? While Texas authorities try to keep arrestees under close surveillance in the hospital, a Houston man recently escaped police custody while undergoing treatment. He was later captured in a Heights-area home.

The 55-year-old man was being treated at Memorial Hermann the Woodlands Hospital after an alleged drunk driving incident. According to police, he crashed into the Sheriff’s Office patrol car while under the influence. The collision allegedly occurred earlier in the day in the 19400 block of Texas 249. The sideswiped deputy was reportedly conducting traffic enforcement at the time.

After crashing into another vehicle, the driver came to a stop and was taken for treatment. Police suspected he was driving under the influence and interviewed him in the hospital. He told them he had consumed six beers before driving, and the authorities then placed him under arrest. The deputy left to get legal paperwork from his patrol vehicle and returned to find that the man had left the hospital.

The alleged drunk driver eluded police for over one week, but eventually he was captured. This attempt to escape police custody means he will now face a felony escape charge as well as his third DWI charge. Those who are concerned about their fate when facing a drunk driving charge in Texas should not resist arrest or flee the scene, as this can lead to further charges. Instead, a defense attorney is the best resource to help individuals facing a DWI in the state.