A Texas man accused of recently fleeing the scene of an accident made an unexpected move — he returned to the scene. The driver was arrested and police say they will likely file drunk driving charges soon. However, he could also face additional charges related to the accident.

The accident occurred at around 9 p.m., and involved a pedestrian who was crossing the street at a marked crosswalk. The driver of an SUV traveling on the same road apparently did not see the pedestrian in time to stop and hit him, causing the victim to suffer fatal injuries. Police say that at that point the driver fled the scene.

Although emergency responders reported to the scene, the pedestrian died before their arrival. However, first responders were not the only people to show up at the scene of the wreck, as shortly afterward the man believed to be responsible for the accident drove back. Police claim that the driver was obviously intoxicated and admitted that he had hit the pedestrian with his car and then driven away. It is not clear if authorities verified his blood-alcohol content, although common methods include Breathalyzer tests and blood draws.

Expected to be charged for drunk driving, the driver may also face charges of failing to stop and render aid. An investigation is currently trying to determine if he ran a stop light just prior to the accident, as this could lead to charges for intoxication manslaughter. Texas defendants who are under investigation do not have to wait for charges to be officially filed before preparing their defense, and most begin this process with a thorough examination of all available information and evidence, which is usually carried out under the guidance of an experienced counsel.