Texas police arrested two men they say were involved in a recent attempted robbery. Both are facing charges for aggravated robbery with use of a deadly weapon for what authorities say was a partially unsuccessful robbery that left one woman injured. These types of violent crimes charges are quite serious. 

The victim was a woman who apparently withdrew $75,000 from her bank account earlier that same day. After the withdrawal she stored the money in her purse. Later, she and her husband stopped at the gas station where the attempted robbery occurred, although it is not clear if anyone else knew of the withdrawal or if it was a random incident. 

The gas station’s surveillance video depicts a man running over to the woman and grabbing her purse. She refused to let go of her bag, however, and fell to the ground as she attempted to hang on to her possessions. Her husband had been inside the station, but ran to her aid shortly after the altercation started. A second man then backed over the victim and her husband, causing the woman to suffer critical injuries. Both men then fled with some — although not all — of the money the woman had withdrawn earlier in the day. 

Authorities eventually caught up with the two men they say were involved in the robbery, and charged them both. These types of criminal allegations can lead to severe consequences, including jail time and hefty fines. Most defendants in Texas hope to minimize these potential impacts, but may feel unsure of what approach to take. By first conducting a thorough review of all charges and related evidence alongside their respective counsel, most defendants can help craft the best possible defense strategy for each unique situation.