Two men were recently arrested for drug-related activity in a Walmart parking lot. Facing charges for several drug crimes, at least one of the men was also wanted in another jurisdiction for similar reasons. It is not clear if either of the two are still in police custody.

An unknown individual alerted Texas police to the presence of at least one man who was possibly asleep in a running vehicle in the parking lot. When officers responded to the call, they say they found two men who allegedly behaved as if they were nervous and evaded questions when possible. One of the two — a 21-year-old man — apparently withdrew something from his pocket and placed it inside of the vehicle in front of officers, which apparently prompted them to search him.

They found a significant amount of cash on his person, and shortly afterward claim to have spotted drug paraphernalia inside the car in plain sight. A search of the vehicle allegedly yielded an unspecified amount of cocaine, more than $10,000 and other items. Police subsequently obtained a search warrant for the 21-year-old’s apartment. That search reportedly turned up various amounts of cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana, as well as another $10,000 and two handguns.

Their current drug crimes charges are for delivery and possession, both of which are felonies. Additional charges are pending. These types of serious criminal allegations can have serious consequences, and most Texas defendants hope to minimize the potential impact. Although this can be achieved through multiple tactics, criminal defense planning typically begins with a thorough review of all charges, evidence and related information.