Going out and enjoying a drink on the weekend is second nature to many in Texas. However, safe driving habits — such as always having a designated driver — are not always as common. While drunk driving continues to be a serious legal problem for many individuals, some are crediting ride-sharing apps with reducing the number of intoxicated drivers behind the wheel.  

A sergeant who has worked at the Texas Department of Public Safety for 20 years claims that Houston has seen the highest number of DUI fatalities in the nation during his time there. But could things be changing? One resident thinks so, and pointed out that spending $12 on a ride-sharing service is considerably less than the potential financial and legal consequences of a DUI. 

Uber and Lyft are just two popular ride-sharing apps that link those in need of a ride somewhere with a driver willing to transport them. Although these apps may not have been designed with the goal of transporting drunk individuals without a designated driver, many people use the service for just that. The local sergeant said he hoped that people were using ride-sharing apps to be safer not only when it comes to drunk driving, but in general. 

Everyone in life makes mistakes, and most people face the resulting consequences head-on. However, the fallout from drunk driving charges can be severe and may limit a person’s ability to drive, travel to work or stay enrolled in school. Taking necessary defensive action within a timely manner can help most defendants secure the best possible outcome for their own unique situations.