A Texas woman was recently accused of stealing from at least two houses that she had been hired to clean. Facing multiple theft charges, she posted a $1,500 bond after her first arrest, but is still currently in police custody after being arrested again. A judge has yet to set her second bond. 

A homeowner hired the 29-year-old woman after spotting her Facebook post offering cleaning services. Prior to the cleaner’s arrival, the victim stored some cash in two different envelopes, wrote the amounts on the outside and placed them in a drawer. The homeowner then says she left the house for approximately two hours, which she said was to give the woman time and space to clean. She says that when she came back home her house had not been cleaned and that some prescription medicines were missing. She also claims that $600 was missing from the two envelopes, which had been re-marked to indicate new, lower amounts. 

Before contacting the police, the alleged victim called the cleaning lady and asked that she return the money and medication. When the cleaner refused, the police were notified and she was arrested then later released on bond. Police received another complaint involving the same woman less than a week later, in which a different person claimed she stole $150 during a cleaning job. Authorities enhanced the charge involving the second supposed theft because of the victim — an elderly woman. 

Texas police apparently suspect that there could be more alleged incidents and are still investigating the matter. However, defendants often choose to begin preparing their criminal defense strategies during criminal investigations rather than waiting till matters have concluded. Doing so may give those accused of theft a better opportunity to consider their charges, evidence and other relevant information collected by the prosecution.