The owner and operator of a Texas daycare was recently arrested for allegedly abusing the children who were in her care. Multiple parents say they suspected that something was not right in the in-home facility, but police were not involved until after one father attached a camera to his son’s car seat. She is now facing criminal charges for abuse. 

The unnamed father says he suspected that the 60-year-old daycare owner was mistreating his 6-month-old son, so he placed a small camera on the infant’s car seat before dropping him off. The recorded video allegedly shows the daycare worker roughly handling the boy and administering an unknown substance believed to be some type of medication. Police looked at the evidence and then got a search warrant for the woman’s home, where she ran the daycare. 

Upon arriving at the woman’s home, police were told that five children were currently in her care. Further investigation turned up four other children in different rooms. The daycare owner apparently told police that she kept some of the children restrained in different rooms during the day and that she had possibly administered Tylenol to help keep them calm. Parents were also not allowed to enter the home except at initial visits and during scheduled appointments on the weekend, when children were not present. At the time of the woman’s arrest, parents were called to the scene to pick up their children, after which they sought treatment at an area hospital.  

Criminal charges involving conduct against minors tend to be treated seriously under Texas law. If convicted, defendants facing such charges often face lengthy prison sentences, steep fines and criminal records that impact future employability. Minimizing these types of consequences is a priority for most people, and the first step often begins with a thorough examination of the charges and related evidence.