Telenovela fans in Texas might be most familiar with Danielle Stefani Arellano for her dramatic portrayals on screen, but more recent headlines focused on the star’s arrest. Arrellano is faced with a theft charge for allegedly stealing several items from an area discount designer store. The allegedly stolen items were apparently all clothing. 

It is claimed that the 52-year-old was seen removing various clothing items from their hangers and then placing them in one of the store’s bags. It is not clear how she obtained the bag. After concealing the items, she approached the cashier and exchanged what were apparently previously-purchased items. She did not, however, pay for the clothing she had taken off the hangers. 

She was stopped by a loss prevention officer after she completed her transactions and before she could leave the store. After being taken to the office for loss prevention, law enforcement officials arrived and arrested the actress for supposedly stealing a sweater, skirt, three different pairs of pants, woven items and some sportswear. The criminal charge reflects that the items were valued at somewhere between $100 and $750. 

Arellano is charged with theft, which could lead to potentially serious criminal consequences. It is not uncommon for Texas defendants facing such charges to end up spending time in jail or to have to pay hefty fines following a conviction. Minimizing these outcomes is a priority for most, so timely action regarding criminal defense options is essential. For those who are ready to prepare their criminal defense, consulting with an experienced attorney can be helpful.