A Texas grand jury recently indicted the former chief executive from USA Gymnastics. Steve Penny served as the organization’s chief executive for 12 years before he resigned amid the molestation scandal that made national headlines. He is now facing criminal charges for allegedly destroying and concealing materials related to the scandal. 

The Karolyi Ranch is located in Texas and served as a training ground for USA Gymnastics. A doctor who worked at the ranch was recently sentenced to 125 years behind bars after he pleaded guilty to charges of molesting 10 of the gymnasts. However, when Penny was made aware of the investigation in Nov. 2016, he allegedly ordered that documents pertaining to these accusations be removed from the facility. The documents were supposedly taken to the out-of-state headquarters for USA Gymnastics and, at last update, were still missing. 

Penny was actually arrested while on a vacation in Tennessee. He claims that he was not trying to avoid a summons, but was simply unaware of the indictment. He has also denied the allegations, stating that no cover-up took place and that he did not destroy or remove any documents from the training facility. 

He is facing several felony criminal charges, including one for tampering with evidence, which could net up to 10 years behind bars if convicted. When serious allegations compromise a person’s future, timely action is usually essential. As such, an early review of all charges, evidence and related information is usually a good place for Texas defendants to begin their criminal defense planning.