A man was arrested after a recent three-vehicle accident in which four people — including three minors — were injured. The man is facing drunk driving charges on two counts for intoxication assault and is also charged with evading arrest. He is currently in Texas police custody, and his bond was set at $185,000.

A witness told police that the driver was initially stopped at a green light somewhere along U.S. 183. Another vehicle honked its horn in an apparent effort to alert the driver to the green light. The witness then reported that the previously stopped car took off at a high rate of speed and quickly passed her.

Originally in the far right lane, the driver allegedly veered over into the left-hand lane and rear ended another vehicle. The force of the impact pushed the vehicle that was hit into the car in front of it. Although the driver had two children in the vehicle at the time of the accident neither suffered any injuries. However, three children who were in the vehicles that were hit by the supposed drunk driver suffered injuries and had to be transported for treatment. Emergency responders reported that they also transported two adults to area hospitals, but police said that only one adult had needed medical treatment.

Criminal charges involving minors tend to be treated quite seriously by Texas authorities, and defendants are well advised to take these matters seriously. In the case of drunk driving charges, most defendants stand to not only carry a criminal record, but they could also lose their driving privileges even without a conviction. Timely action is key to avoid these types of criminal consequences, so individuals may not want to delay if they are considering seeking guidance from an attorney.