School bus drivers are responsible for the safety of dozens of children at one time, and sometimes they are forced to make split-second decisions. However, those decisions do not always turn out as some drivers might hope. Texas police recently arrested a bus driver who they say endangered a child’s life when he drove through flood waters. It is unclear if he has any concrete criminal defense plans yet.

On Oct. 16, 2018, the 57-year-old bus driver was transporting a single student when he approached a flooded road. According to reports, police had erected a barricade that was meant to prevent vehicles from attempting to cross the rushing flood waters. However, they claim that video recovered from the bus’s dash cam show the driver maneuvering around the barricade, pause and then proceed into the waters.

The flood waters lifted the bus and floated it off of the road, where it was then lodged against a tree. It is unclear for how long the two were stuck, but both were later rescued and neither suffered any injuries. The bus driver was arrested over the incident and then later arrested. He is currently out of police custody on $10,000 bond.

Charged with failing to obey warning signs and child endangerment, the defendant could potentially face significant jail time and steep fines. In such cases, careful attention to criminal defense planning is essential. By taking this process seriously and beginning as early as possible, most Texas defendants can determine which approach will help them achieve the best outcome for their unique situation.