Worried about the possibility of having a criminal record follow you for the rest of your life? Even if you are facing a seemingly minor charge for alleged theft & property crimes, you should consider the benefits of taking a proactive approach to your defense. Minimizing the potential impact of Texas state law violations is essential.

You may feel pressured to quickly plead guilty to get the whole thing done and over with. You might even feel that being accused of a theft or burglary is not that serious, but a conviction can hang over your head for the rest of your life. If you are first-time offender and still relatively young, a conviction could impact your ability to move forward in life. You could even be cut off from certain career paths or other job opportunities.

For first time offenders, you could potentially get a pretrial diversion instead of heading straight to court, and a charge would never actually be entered against you. Although appealing, this approach is not appropriate for everyone. Others might fare better through a full criminal trial or through other careful legal processes.

Facing the criminal justice system alone can be overwhelming and is generally not advisable. Texas criminal law can be a complicated behemoth, and you need to make sure that you have someone in your corner who can uphold your best interests while also protecting your rights. More information regarding theft and property crimes charges, defense and more can be found right here on our website.