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January 2019 Archives

Police file drug crimes charges for pair in Walmart parking lot

Walmart tends to be a one-stop shop for many people's needs. However, Texas police say that a couple was using a Walmart parking lot to cook up something that they did not purchase from the grocery section of the store. Both people have since been arrested and charged with committing drug crimes. It is not clear if their bond has been set yet.

Texas man charged with drunk driving

It is not uncommon for drivers accused of being intoxicated behind the wheel to face more than one criminal charge. This is the case for a Texas man who is facing two counts of intoxication assault for an alleged drunk driving accident. According to police, the driver was drinking at a bar shortly before the collision.

Criminal defense: What should I do about this fraud charge?

Facing criminal charges is more than just dealing with the police and courts before moving on with the next stage in your life. There are serious implications to being convicted of a crime, including a criminal record that will follow you for years on top of possible jail time and hefty fines. Depending on the charge, you could even lose out on valuable employment opportunities. Because of this, it is important for you to handle your criminal defense planning in a careful manner.

Father facing drunk driving charges for fatal accident

A Texas father is currently in police custody for allegedly causing a deadly accident. Accused of drunk driving, authorities have filed several charges, including at least two counts of intoxication assault and felony murder. His blood-alcohol content was allegedly about three times that of the legal limit at the time of his arrest.

Drug possession laws and where to seek support in Texas

Do you have a clear understanding of Texas drug possession laws? If you hesitated to answer, you are definitely not the only one as such laws often vary from being quite complex to extremely vague. Drug laws differ by state as well, and something you might think is legal in one place may not be in another. If police arrest you on suspicion of a drug crime, you may have your work cut out to try mitigate your circumstances, especially if prosecutors file charges down the line.

Criminal defense: Woman accused of stealing packages

Texas shoppers accomplished much of last season's holiday shopping through online retailers, but some of those people might not have received all of their packages. Police recently arrested a woman they say stole hundreds of those packages from Texas homes. She is currently facing charges for possessing a controlled substance as well as for mail theft, the latter of which are federal charges, which makes criminal defense planning especially important.

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