Walmart tends to be a one-stop shop for many people’s needs. However, Texas police say that a couple was using a Walmart parking lot to cook up something that they did not purchase from the grocery section of the store. Both people have since been arrested and charged with committing drug crimes. It is not clear if their bond has been set yet.

Police turned up in the Walmart parking lot at around 3 a.m., following a report that someone had made. Authorities discovered a 34-year-old man and 22-year-old woman in of a vehicle, apparently behaving in a suspicious manner. Upon approaching the vehicle, attending officers claimed that they could make out the scent of cooking methamphetamine, and proceeded to search the vehicle.

According to reports, police uncovered a hidden compartment inside the vehicle’s dashboard. It was inside this hidden compartment that the couple were allegedly cooking meth for personal use. They say the search also uncovered five handguns, stolen IDs, drug paraphernalia, ammunition, shotgun shells and other illicit items. The man and woman were arrested and taken into police custody, but currently deny the charges.

Convictions for drug crimes can have particularly harsh consequences. Many defendants are devastated to discover that on top of jail time and fines, their new criminal records also affect their personal lives. From employment to education, certain convictions can keep people from realizing their full potential. In order to minimize these impacts, Texas defendants may want to consider how guidance from an experienced attorney can help them move forward.