It is not uncommon for drivers accused of being intoxicated behind the wheel to face more than one criminal charge. This is the case for a Texas man who is facing two counts of intoxication assault for an alleged drunk driving accident. According to police, the driver was drinking at a bar shortly before the collision.

Witnesses told police that the driver in question was driving a pickup truck when he approached a red light at around 1 a.m. However, instead of stopping, he supposedly continued through the intersection without applying his brakes. The pickup truck then T-boned another vehicle that might have had the right-of-way.

There were four people in the second vehicle, all of whom were injured. Two adults — a driver and a passenger in the front of the vehicle — as well as a 15-year-old passenger were transported to the hospital for treatment, but were not in life-threatening conditions. However, at least one of those individuals was found to be in more severe condition than originally thought. The final passenger — a 5-year-old child — was also transported to the hospital with severe, life-threatening injuries.

Neither the driver believed to have caused the accident nor his passenger were injured. It is not clear what the driver’s blood-alcohol content was at the time of the wreck nor how police determined that he might have been intoxicated. However, police seem to believe that he was drinking at a bar that had previously been cited for serving an intoxicated patron.

Facing drunk driving charges can be a terrifying experience, especially if the allegations involve things like motor vehicle accidents or injuries. Drivers could face severe consequences like jail time or fines. Some could even see repercussions in their personal lives. To minimize these possibilities, Texas defendants are usually well advised to seek guidance from experienced attorneys.