Police in Texas recently arrested two people — a man and a woman — they say were involved in an identity theft incident. In addition to charges for identity theft, the woman was also charged with possessing a firearm as a felon, forging a financial instrument and marijuana possession. The man was charged with identity theft and marijuana possession. These types of charges are serious and often require an astute focus on criminal defense planning.

Detectives with a Texas fraud unit obtained a warrant related to the 51-year-old woman and 39-year-old man. They executed the warrant at a hotel, where the pair were apparently staying. Police say that they located stolen checks and identifying information that appeared to have been stolen as well.

Police say that the woman had used the checks and identifying information to create fraudulent credit card accounts as well as counterfeit checks. It is not clear in what capacity the man might have been involved in the alleged identify theft. The investigation is still ongoing, and police are working to identify who they say might be victims of the supposed identity theft.

Those facing serious criminal charges understand just how much is on the line. From jail time to fines to a criminal record, minimizing the impact of these types of criminal charges is a priority for many Texas defendants. Crafting a solid criminal defense foundation can help with this, and this process often begins with a thorough review of the charges and all related evidence.