Criminal charges can have real-life implications outside of the courtroom. Aside from serving jail time or paying out steep fines, some people find that their situations can even affect their employment. This was apparently the case for a Texas teacher who was recently arrested for a drunk driving accident.

Police were on the scene of a different accident just prior to the incident with the alleged drunk driver. While the officers were outside of their vehicles, a 30-year-old former high school teacher was rapidly approaching the site. Reportedly traveling at 70 mph, which may have been above the posted speed limit, the driver failed to slow down or move over for the accident and collided with two police cars.

None of the officers were injured in the accident. The driver who allegedly caused the wreck apparently suffered at least minor injuries, as he was treated at a hospital before being released into police custody. However, prior to the accident he was employed at an area high school, where he taught the fine arts. A statement from the school district indicated that he had since been let go from that position because of the criminal charges.

Drunk driving charges tend to move much quicker than other types of criminal allegations. Defendants who are never even convicted can lose their licenses and face serious repercussions at work, including being fired. Minimizing these types of impacts is often a priority for Texas defendants, which typically involves taking an early and proactive approach to defense planning.