Facing drunk driving charges in Texas is serious. State laws are tough on intoxicated drivers, and a conviction can lead to penalties that can change the course of your life. Whether it is your first offense or you have previous DWI convictions on your record, it is in your interests to start working on your defense strategy as soon as possible. 

The right approach for your defense depends on many factors, including your record, the details of your individual case and even your BAC levels at the time of your arrest. It is never your only option to simply plead guilty and move on or accept the supposed inevitability of a conviction. Your future is worth protecting, and you can start by learning more about the defense options available to you.

The right defense for you

You can defend yourself against drunk driving charges in several ways. You can challenge the evidence against you or even challenge the treatment you received from law enforcement. Depending on the circumstances of your situation, possible defense strategies for your case may include:

  • You did not know that you were drinking something that was alcoholic before attempting to drive.
  • You drove while intoxicated to escape immediate threat of harm.
  • Someone entrapped you, causing you to drink and drive.
  • The suspected DWI traffic stop was invalid.
  • Police did not perform sobriety tests in the right way.
  • The Breathalyzer was incorrect due to improper maintenance.
  • There was a problem with the chain of custody for your blood or urine sample.
  • The actions of the police were improper or illegal. 

A thorough evaluation of your case, the traffic stop, the handling of chemical samples and other factors can determine how to move forward with your defense. It is always prudent to have experienced legal guidance when challenging a criminal charge and the prosecution’s case against you.

The help you need from the beginning 

It is wise to seek defense help as soon as possible after an arrest. An experienced defense attorney familiar with Texas laws and the criminal justice system can explain how you can confront the charges against you, protect your right to drive and shield your future interests from the implications of a conviction. DWI charges in Texas can have serious consequences, but you do not have to face these charges and fight for your future alone.