School officials often live in a public spotlight where their every action is closely examined and criticized. This can make dealing with sensitive matters extremely difficult. This might be the case for a former superintendent who recently resigned from his position following an arrest regarding drug crimes charges.

According to Texas police, the man was arrested following a traffic stop in early March 2019. Although the circumstances leading to the traffic stop and details of what transpired afterwards are unclear, he spent one night in police custody before being released. Police apparently only filed a single charge for drug possession.

Despite the alleged criminal law violation, many parents in his former school district do not want to see him go. A petition with over 5,000 signatures recently circulated, giving parents the opportunity to show their support and request that he be returned to his position. His track record details how he managed to keep multiple schools that were on the state’s chopping block open, and he was even once named the Texas Superintendent of the Year. Despite the pledge of support among parents, his contract with the school board states that he can be terminated for using any type of illegal substance.

Even minor offenses involving drug crimes can lead to serious criminal and personal consequences. Defendants in Texas might be surprised to realize how a seemingly simple possession charge can lead to loss of employment, hefty fines and time spent in jail. This can be extremely unsettling, particularly for those who must deal with these matters while also under public scrutiny. As such, working with an experienced attorney when reviewing criminal charges and possible defense platforms can be helpful.