An exotic goat has died after it was allegedly stolen by two women in Texas. Both women are facing charges for theft of an exotic livestock as well as for engaging in an organized criminal activity. One of the women is also facing charges for aggravated assault using a deadly weapon. At least two other people might have also been involved in the alleged theft, but it is unclear if police plan to pursue any additional arrests.

On March 18, 2019, police received a report that a Nigerian dwarf goat had been stolen from an exotic pet ranch. The goat was a baby that had been housed in the petting zoo portion of the ranch. Police claim that it was removed by four people traveling together in the same vehicle, but did not clarify why they only charged two people with the theft.

The reason behind the supposed theft is unclear, and the group that removed the baby goat from the petting zoo ultimately did not keep it. Instead they purportedly handed the goat over to someone else to care for. Three days later the goat ended up at the local sheriff’s office, where the ranch’s owner retrieved the animal. After a trip to the veterinarian the goat was diagnosed with a severe respiratory infection, and he ultimately died. The causes of his illness were apparently a combination of improper care and stress.

Criminal charges for theft are a serious matter, and defendants in Texas should understand the possible criminal consequences they could face if convicted. These include things like lengthy jail sentences and steep fines. Minimizing the impact of these charges is important to most defendants, but there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all criminal defense. Instead, defendants should carefully consider their charges, related evidence and more when crafting their defense strategies.